How Does Cloning Work? What Is Therapeutic Cloning

The exact copies of different genes are known as clones. We can easily identify each copy of their DNA. These kinds of clones happen naturally rather than artificially. The twins that are identical are the best examples of natural clones. Nowadays, with the advancements in the field of biotechnology, we can also make some clones artificially. There are a lot of types of cloning. Some of them are reproductive cloning, therapeutic cloning, ethical controversy, and much more. If you don’t have enough idea about cloning, then you can get help from expert writers of the assignment writing services. These expert writers can easily provide enough information about cloning.

How does cloning work?

If we take an overview of cloning, then we come to know that cloning isn’t a scientific word. Therefore, for the cloning purpose, there is no need to use different techniques. The cloning is a very simple process in which the scientists try to reproduce different kinds of biological materials. There involve following steps in the actual process of cloning;

1) First of all, we will have to extract DNA from a donor. For this reason, first of all, the scientists try to take durable cells from a donor. These durable cells should be healthy. For this reason, the scientists try to take somatic cells as a sample. These kinds of cells are found in white blood cells.

2) Secondly, the scientists try to prepare an egg cell. For this reason, a team of scientists try to prepare a viable egg cell. After finding out an undamaged egg cell, the scientists try to extract the nucleus from this egg cell.

3) Thirdly, the scientists try to insert the somatic cell material. Although these somatic cells can’t be reproduced the scientists use these somatic cells in the egg cells in order to prepare or grow a new organism.

4) After the fertilization, it necessary for the scientists to convince the eggs for the implantation. For this reason, the scientists will have to do a lot of experiments.

5) In the previous steps, there is a possibility of occurring some uncertainties and delectation in the work. Therefore, this process is repeated until its viability.

What is therapeutic cloning?

Therapeutic cloning is an important form of cloning. With the help of therapeutic cloning, a therapy is designed for a particular disease. In the therapeutic cloning, a nucleus is inserted into an egg cell in order to remove its nucleus. This nucleus is taken from a particular cell like a skin cell. In this way, the scientists try to create new cells. These cells are transplanted into the patients in order to treat them against particular diseases. In order to perform therapeutic cloning, the scientists perform the following steps;

1) First of all, a scientist tries to extract a nucleus from a particular egg

2) This kind of nucleus contains some kind of genetic material

3) After that, the scientists also try to extract the nucleus from a somatic cell

4) This extracted nucleus is inserted into the egg cell

5) This egg starts to produce the genetic material of a patient

6) This cell divides and forms a cluster of cells
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