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How Education System Can Make Growth in Covid-19 Pandemic

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is responsible for bringing change in our conventional modes of learning. With the outbreak of a pandemic, the educational institutions all around the globe make a shift to virtual learning platforms overnight. These sudden changes in ways of learning have certainly caused a degree of inconvenience, but they have also set some new examples of educational innovation. Although it can be too early to judge that what would be the effects of COVID-19 on the educational systems around the globe but the signs are clearly stating that it will become a source of transformation in the traditional ways of learning. Below we will discuss some ways in which education systems can make growth during COVID-19. 

During the pandemic education systems have chosen alternative learning pathways in order to continue education. Their top priority is to limit any form of interruptions in education. The education sector has provided urgent support to students, teachers, parents and commu…