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KAI Puts A Voice Assistant On Your Glasses

Artificial Intelligence is becoming so common that we are becoming used to of out AI assistants as common people. What did we say about robots being common like computers? You see the significance here? These days, a personal assistant is a necessity whether it is Cortana in your Microsoft device or Siri writing messages for you, or maybe Alexa taking care of your entertainment and even lights and temperature of your home. Artificial intelligence was introduced initially for the point of entertainment and now the AI assistants can do a lot more than just playing music for your or telling you who called you or what the message reads that was just sent by your mom. KAI is a new name in the world of AI and KAI is one step ahead when it comes to AI. It is probably the most intelligent AI assistant recently announced. It is a conversational Artificial Intelligence platform equipping bots and virtual assistants in messaging, wearables and smart phones. It is basically a business version of…