Should Women Be Allowed To Compete Against Men?

Compete Against Men
The accountability of women has changed dramatically in the previous few years, because, most things are now very different for women from the past. Nowadays, a woman believes that she has to behave like a man in order to gain success in life. Basically, it is most important that women should be given all their rights in order to gain success in life. In this argumentative essay, the professional writers of cheap assignment writing services will discuss the women rights against men.

In some customs, the role of women is still traditional. Many countries are still highly patriarchal, because, they accept that a woman is an obedient and supportive role in society. However, most country denies that women should not provide an equal right. Most people think that women are unable to fight against men. It is most important that women should be allowed to compete against men. Yet in progressive western countries, women often still stand the burden of responsibility for childcare and domestic tasks. Nowadays, this concept is changing, because, women are taking part in any field of the world. Women are able to compete against men. They can take part in the national wars.

Basically, women are not weak; they are able to fight against men. Therefore, it is most important that women should be allowed opportunities in the jobs. In addition, women had no rights and their husband defined their social status and place in society. They had no real lawful status, being unable to even own a home, and their opinions did not matter. There are many professions open to women, and the majority involved entertaining.

In the US, women grasp only around 20% of seats in the Senate, Congress, and House of Representatives. Women can be equally competent as men, and if they enter more positions of power then not only will they be able to work to improve the situation of other women, but it will drive a message that they should be considered as equals.

Many countries have organizations that are working in order to improve the situation for women and girls rights. These organizations make sure that women have equal access to education and to protect their rights. It is most important that women should give permission for many services such as healthcare, education and obtaining a passport. Much Saudi royal family has even confirmed that he believes one day women will be permitted to drive and that they will certainly play a greater role in society. It is said that a woman is the mother of any country; therefore, a mother is able to fight for her country. Therefore, it is most important that women should be given all their rights. In the termination, we must make sure that the responsibility of the woman must be changed. All countries should follow the rule of Saudi Arabic and refers to equal rights to the women against men in order to gain success in every field.
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