How to Take Notes of Lecture

Take Lecture of Notes
Appropriate notes will be helpful when you need to review the information for an assignment or exam. Your notes, taking strategy can help you to grapple the material and understand historical topic, question or event. Though, consider the notes taking as an interactive process instead of just a clerical skill. Review and note taking is the process of analyzing material. Exams, papers or results can be improved by making the lecture notes more appropriately. Before taking a class, you should already read the text provided by dissertation writing services because it will help to develop a concept of main idea, definitions and secondary points for important concepts.

You should identify unfamiliar and familiar terms. These terms you should have to look before the class. During the lecture, you should be prepared to hear the explanation. If you do not understand, some ideas then ask your teacher to explain the unclear ideas. You should develop question of a particular topic or text after reading it before class. You should ask questions to the teacher. It will help to understand and inspire teacher as well. During class sit near the teacher, it will be easier to see, hear and understand the material.Every lecture should be dated properly. It will help you when you begin studying for preparing exams.

You should make notes concise and brief instead of writing everything down. The more time you will spend to writing notes the less time you will be able to give to understand the concepts and identifying the argument and the outline of the lecture. You should never use a sentence when you can use a phrase and never use a phrase when you can use a word. Use symbols and abbreviations whenever possible. Many lectures are based on their outline therefore beware of the lecture outline. Listen to the words and key phrases that help to recognize where you are in the outline and to identify what the structure is at any given time.

The notes of each lecture should write on a new page. It will help you to write the particular lecture on the notes and you can write the same subject material from the book as well. It will not create the mess by mixing all the lectures. You will be more confused when you write different lectures on the same page. You should avoid quoting the exact same words of the lecture in the notes. Definitions, formulas, facts and rules should be copied exactly.

After class, you should review your notes, it will improve attention. You should merge note from reading and lecture. Keep the notes from lectures and make notes from reading of the same topic. After reading both notes you should identify the gap between the understandings, find out where it contradicts, and complement each other. If you do not understand the point, ask your instructor for their help. Highlight the important phrases, keywords and concepts, as it will reduce the amount of reading while reading. Writings, comments, questions in the margin. Relate these notes to the other thing you have already learned.
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