KAI Puts A Voice Assistant On Your Glasses

Voice Assistant On Your Glasses
Artificial Intelligence is becoming so common that we are becoming used to of out AI assistants as common people. What did we say about robots being common like computers? You see the significance here? These days, a personal assistant is a necessity whether it is Cortana in your Microsoft device or Siri writing messages for you, or maybe Alexa taking care of your entertainment and even lights and temperature of your home. Artificial intelligence was introduced initially for the point of entertainment and now the AI assistants can do a lot more than just playing music for your or telling you who called you or what the message reads that was just sent by your mom. KAI is a new name in the world of AI and KAI is one step ahead when it comes to AI. It is probably the most intelligent AI assistant recently announced. It is a conversational Artificial Intelligence platform equipping bots and virtual assistants in messaging, wearables and smart phones. It is basically a business version of Siri made by the makers of Siri, the voice assistant bought by Apple in 2010 which was created by SRI.

So what is so special about KAI? If you notice, all the bots currently available that are the personal assistants are females. They talk like females and respond in submissive ways and they behave more like slaves. There has been a silent war against making fembots and feminists do not like the idea to have AI assistant with a female voice that is being told to do stuff and is made dun of by asking weird questions that they simply tell you they are not capable of answering. Told by a cheap dissertation writing service, most of the AI assistants are used in phones and devices such as Echo which means that they are widely used in homes and in families.

You order your personal assistant to turn the lights off if you are using Echo at home and Alexa adheres to your commands, similarly, you ask Cortana or Siri to make calls for you and get you connected to someone online and they do so, the problem here is not with telling your personal assistant to do stuff, the problem is with the approach, even though bots like Siri and Cortana can be switched to a male’s voice, ask around both men and women and you will know how many would be willing to use the male voice instead of the females. These bots according to critics are not giving the right message by being females. Kai on the other hand is a genderless bot that is not ‘him’ or a ‘her’ but ‘it’ is what they call Kai. Even though it has a male name, Kai has been made genderless and it sticks to the work it is supposed to perform. People seem to abuse the female bots by asking questions they are indecent and Kai does not take that easy. It will not only give you a very dominating answer to inappropriate questions it will also insult you if you happen to say anything like people are used to of saying to Cortana, Siri, Alexa or other virtual assistants.

So, if you are not happy with the smart glasses Google offered or the Snap’s Spectacles and they don’t look good on you, or if you love your current eye wear a lot to ditch it for the Google Glass but you also want to look and be all tech savvy, you have Kai. Kai can be clipped on to your regular pair of glasses and it can turn your glasses into the new shiny gadget that stays behind your ear, with a microphone so that you can make calls, get an Uber ordered and do things you did with Google and Snap’s smart glasses. Only that the device is attached to your regular eye wear and its not a fixed design you know, you still get to wear your favorite glasses and just clip them on and you are good to do! So now your personal assistant doesn’t live in your phone but it is behind your ear clipped to your glasses helping you when you need a helping hand. Although the smart glasses makers so far have tried to make this technology common and have tried their best to find their usefulness in everyday life, they have sort of failed miserably in doing so.

The main reason perhaps is that there are no options of shapes and they are not altered according to your needs and requirements, the shape does not suit everyone and since this is something that you wear on your face, it has to suit and the need of a style that should suit you should be considered important. Based on reviews for both Google Glass and Snap Spectacles, the devices are not exactly fails, they just do not make themselves enough desirable to be bought and then kept aside because they don’t suit all faces. Even though the Google Glass was designed and tested on 100s of faces and keeping all face shapes in mind, they could not simply provide what they wanted to. But don’t worry, if your Google eyewear disappointed you or it wasn’t simply made for your face and you are happy with your current glasses, you can keep them and still be all techs savvy.

Kai will have you sorted and it will give you all you ever needed with the eye wear and will not require you to replace your current glasses. Although there is still a month’s wait before we will see Kai around being tested as a new technology, the device will start from $130. If you think your Echo or the personal assistant in your phones needs to be smarter than they are, if you want them to suggest you stuff, do your calculations and do the thinking for you, you will have Kai waiting, and this AI personal assistant does not take any crap!
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