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Should Women Be Allowed To Compete Against Men?

The accountability of women has changed dramatically in the previous few years, because, most things are now very different for women from the past. Nowadays, a woman believes that she has to behave like a man in order to gain success in life. Basically, it is most important that women should be given all their rights in order to gain success in life. In this argumentative essay, the professional writers of cheap assignment writing services will discuss the women rights against men.

In some customs, the role of women is still traditional. Many countries are still highly patriarchal, because, they accept that a woman is an obedient and supportive role in society. However, most country denies that women should not provide an equal right. Most people think that women are unable to fight against men. It is most important that women should be allowed to compete against men. Yet in progressive western countries, women often still stand the burden of responsibility for childcare and domes…